Yamaha CS-10 Synthesizer

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The Yamaha CS-10 is a monophonic analogue synthesizer. It was released in 1977. It is relatively un-famous, so you can buy it cheaply.

It sounds like this (515 KB)

The specifications are here.

Good things about the Yamaha CS-10 are:

Bad points of the Yamaha CS-10:

CS-10 Control Voltages

The Yamaha CS-10 VCO is based on the IG00153 chip, which is a linear VCO. Here are the control voltages which are produced by the keyboard (with pitch-bend centered).

C1 = 0.25V
C2 = 0.50V
C3 = 1.00V
C4 = 2.00V

The Pitch-Bend is +/- 1 octave, so the maximum range is 0.125V - 4V (ie. 5 octaves).

I have verified these values on my own CS-10 unit.


The CS-10 User Manual [with Patch Sheet] is hosted hither and yon.

The Yamaha "Synthesizer Patch Charts" Book for the CS-10/CS-30/CS-30L, is hosted here.

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