Leonard Cohen Kraus Interview

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In 1973 Roy Hollingworth of Melody Maker magazine interviewed Leonard Cohen. Here are my answers to the questions he asked.

MM - YOU'VE been in England for (quite a) while now. What have you been doing?
K - No, I have never been to England. I have just been in New Zealand. I have been doing some baking, going for walks, a bit of recording every day, just chipping away at it. Thanks for asking!

MM - You say, 'get out of the scene'. What do you mean?
K- 'Get out of the scene', do you mean take a lot of drugs? I don't know.

MM - Are there any specific reasons for you leaving?
K - Uh, probably. What?

MM -You don't want any sort of 'one album a year' thing then?
K - I wouldn't mind if someone said 'do one album a year', that doesn't seem too hard. I mean I would probably have to take a break at some point, say after a dozen or so.

MM - What do you feel about these people Leonard? I mean there's an album in a room back there which they're going to present to you. It's for 250,000 sales.
K - Right. No that is probably for 25 sales. I feel comfortable with that level of adulation.

MM - I feel that feeling is at a high in rock at the moment. There are a lot of people who have suddenly found that they've lost themselves. There's much disillusionment about. Do you agree?
K - No. I feel that they have lost their way to feel themselves, but they only lose...themselves...What?

MM - Have you been writing much recently?
K - Yes, it's been going quite well, thanks. I'm not sure I would call it writing though. That would be a bit immodest.

MM - Dylan disappeared successfully - and came back. What do you feel about that?
K - Did he? That little trickster!

MM - Are you going to vanish forever - do you feel it's going to be a permanent thing?
K - Well, eventually, yes.

MM - Yes.
K - Yes sir. I am going to die.

MM - You've obviously made enough to exist off the money you have then.
K - Yeah. What?

MM - I think I want to go away too. But I know damned well I haven't got any money.
K - I don't want you to go away.

MM - Is it totally ego?
K - Right. No.

MM - I played 'Songs of Love and Hate' all over Christmas. It meant something. There was a certain sacredness about it. Myself, and my lady couldn't stop playing it.
K - Yeah. Good question.

MM - You mean you've done another album?
K - Yes. It's a concept album about a guy in the 80s.

MM - I heard there were some weird things going on with the tour. Something went wrong in Tel Aviv didn't it?
K - Don't know about that.

MM - If you could - how they say - 'Do it all agin' would you 'do it all agin'.
K - I would do it all agin.

MM - Yes, it's CURIOUS.

29 October 2007.

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