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11 March 2017


11 March 2017

My friend and collaborator Ducklingmonster made this buzzy video for "Ghost of Jodie Foster" from "Mountain of the Moon" cassette.

23 January 2017

I finished recording my next major album. It's called "Grip the Moon". It will be released this year. That is all p.s. love you xxx

9 May 2016

New Kraus C20 tape "Mountain of the Moon" is available from the artiste [kraus] AT [kraus] DOT [co] DOT [nz] for NZ$10 or from all good music stores. And/or download him from this

2 May 2016

Epic Sweep have released a limited edition Kraus live cassette "Skynet Goes Live", recorded at Liquid Architecture, The Tote, Melbourne, 27/9/15.

18 January 2016

Originally self-released as a limited-run CDR in 2009, "Golden Treasury" by Kraus has been reissued by Swedish cassette label Oma333. This album contains some essential Krausness including the two-note psychedelic symphony "Dog on the Loose", "Happening for Lulu" (an ode to Lulu) (the singer Lulu) (who did To sir with love) plus an eyelash smouldering version of La Bamba, originally recorded for the Ultra Eczema album of La Bamba covers. Available in NZ soon from the artist or via Audio Foundation and Flying Out. Or for extra cred get your copy from the MOMA PS1 bookstore in NYC -- I'm looking at u Kiran Dass

150 grey tapes with black body printing. Cover designed by Peter Larsson with a Kraus supplied image. Risograph print by Jan Matthé.

15 September 2015

hai i am travelling via airplane to AUSTRALIA and playing three shows in the Liquid Architecture festival

here is my artist page for the festival, containing a short essay defending hippies. They need it!

08 September 2015

Ultra Eczema has reissued the classic Kraus album "I Could Destroy You with a Single Thought" on LP in an edition of 200. Copies are available in New Zealand from The Audio Foundation and Flying Out, or directly from the artist ie me. [kraus] AT [kraus] DOT [co] DOT [nz]

26 August 2015

Ducklingmonster has released another heavy postcard compilation of some amazingness from New Zealand right now Deep and MEaningful 3 which features Kraus and also Mahoney/Kraus, my collaboration with Claire from It Hurts/Olympus. Ok by for now

02 July 2015

I am very excitied to see my friend Spencer play Monopoly Child Star Searchers at the audio foundation in auckland on Friday the 10th July and I am playing as is my fellow traveller Ducklingmonster see you there. Also: a split 7" with kraus and kawabata makoto has come out but it sold out already sorry. Love you!

18 June 2015

13 May 2015

New Kraus tape of synthesizer improvisations entitled "Here Come the Recorders" NZ$10 available directly from Krauss-ez brain to you via [kraus] AT [kraus] DOT [co] DOT [nz] or at The Audio Foundation or selected other place
Or download him from the Free Music Archive. Thanks for everything my fine feathered friend!

03 April 2015

Thankyou so so so much to all my wonderful friends in europe for making me feel so welcome, housing me, driving me, feeding me, organising shows and and, everything! I love you all so much, i had a truly beautiful time.. See you again soon

29 January 2015

Provisional tour schedule for Kraus Euro Tour 2015:

Further shows TBA

Marijn Verbiesen of Sweat Tongue (Netherlands) will drum for Kraus on all dates except 1 March.

08 December 2014

Sigh. So what IS happening? Kraus is playing at Pyramid CLub festival "Pyramid Power" on the Thursday December 11 with Gerard Crewdson, Jeff Henderson and Kieran Monaghan. Then at same fest on the Friday, with Simon O'Rorke and Reece McNaughten. And Maltese Falcons are playing on the Saturday night. Malteses are now a 4 piece: me and ducky and Stefan and now Sean O'Reilly on guitar.

Kraus is also playing at ChronophoJanuaryJanuarynium 2015

and in Belgium/Netherlands in Late Feb/early march 2015.

Thats It!

17 November 2014

There is this new compilation Deep and Meaningful Volume 2 that just came out and is so awesome with Claire and The Talent and everything on it, all the best stuff on the Auckland scene right now. ok by

21 October 2014

A sort of not entirely comprehensible review of Interior Castle has appeared here on Decoder Magazine

17 September 2014

I just released this album i recorded during my Audio Foundation Winter Residency

Download "Workers in Kontrol" from the Free Music Archive.

1 September 2014: Kraus NZ Tour and Interior Castle cassette release

The new Kraus album "Interior Castle" will be released on 12 September by Moniker Records (Chicago, USA). go here 2 get

27 August 2014

Audio Foundation Winter Residency events that i did are all now archived on here

This Saturday the 30th kraus is playing at the Wine Cellar with Pumice, Noel Meek/olivia Webb, and stephen bain. It's a free show, so, go to it

31 July 2014

I've created a temporary mailing list to publicise events during my winter residency at the Audio Foundation (August 4-18). To join, email [kraus] [AT] [kraus] [DOT] [co] [DOT] [nz] with the subject line "AF residency".

30 July 2014

So I got this residency at the Audio Foundation for two weeks, August 4 - 18 of 2014. ie. next week and the week after. I'll do some solo recording, and work on the Musical Electronics Library, but I'll organise some fun stuff as well. Updates will be on here, and on the Audio Foundation website. Thanks for everything chum!!

17 June 2014

Playing at the Auricle in Christchurch on Saturday the 21st of June at 8pm, with Reuben Derrick. I'll also be doing a workshop/presentation thing on that afternoon, same place.

13 June 2014

Hey I'm doing a solo show at the Audio Foundation this Saturday afternoon. 14th June at 2pm. I'll play for 30-60 minutes with tape loops, guitar, flute and electronics. Koha entry. See you there my good friend? Yes here

09 June 2014

There are new songs by Kraus, Olympus and The Maltese Falcons on this compilation Deep and Meaningful Volume 1, plus songs from the sweetest angels on the scene right now: The Biscuits, Piece War, The Spunks, The Muscle, Power Nap, Invisible Threads, Pumice, ducklingmonster and Uniform.

29 May 2014

some Kraus music got used on this amazing film about Polish coffee nerds. Thanks Marcin!

10 May 2014

Kraus live show at the Pyramid Club in Wellington on the 24th May. i will see YOU there, certainly

02 April 2014

So here's the upcoming shows that I'm in:

  1. 5 April the aforementioned show at Audio Foundation
  2. 11 April at AF: Reuben Derrick, Hermione Johnson, Kraus and Drew McMillan
  3. 17 April Gary war, Purple Pilgrims and Kraus at AF
  4. 20 April Kraus at 68 New North Road
  5. 26 April Pouffe, Pumice and It Hurts Chronic Fatigue Syndrome at AF
  6. 30 April::: Herriot Row, Purple Pilgrims Cash Guitar (!!) and Kraus at Wine Cellar
  7. 3 May Maltese Falcons, hollow grinders and piece war at Biddy Mulligans in Hamilton

02 April 2014

Correction to the last thing i wrote:
The April 5 show has been moved to Audio Foundation. Now it's a multi-headed show-beast featuring Gem Indigo, Maltese FAlcons, Snakebeings, The Bix, Dave Black and THe Hollow Grinders.

25 February 2014

Upcoming shows that I am in:

14 February 2014

!No Venues! 16 February 4pm 12A Usk Street, Oamaru
Featuring Kraus, Pouffe, The Moonrakers, +

07 February 2014

Hello you. On the 15th Feb there will be a Kraus bit on Music 101 on Radio New Zealand National.

26 January 2014

Old 'lympus has been rehearsing to play live, with our new drummer Claire Mahoney from It Hurts.. Our live debut is on the 1 Feb at the Old Folks, GUndry St, Auckland, supporting Chris Abrahams. SEE YOU THEREIN

20 January 2015 oops I mean 20014

Upcoming auckland shows:
Wednesday 22 Jan at Audio Foundation :Tristan Carter/Hermione Johnson/Jeff Henderson/Kraus
Saturday 25 Jan: Kraus at this house on New North Road, next door to the Eden Terrace Liquor, with Richard Keys / IRL and Mermaidens (both from Wellington)
Sat 1st February Olympus is supporting Chris Abrahams (from the necks), at the Old Folks Association Hall, 8 Gundry St, Auckland.
That is all. Oh, Maltese Falcons will be playing at that New North road place in February some time. And Maltese Falcs are playing in April at Lucha Lounge (Newmarket) along with the Biscuits and the Hollow Grinders. That is all

23 November 2013

Thanks to every one who came to the show on Thursday, and thanks Angeline, Stefan, Nick and Klaus for playing!

Correction to what I wrote the other day: the audio foundation christmas party is on the 7th December. For this event I am "DJ Kraus". Haven't decided what to do yet. I might mush some records through my synthesizer.

Other news: the Audio Foundation shop has copies of Supreme Commander and Realistic Pillow. See you later!

20 November 2013

New interview on Under the Radar. Please Note: I am playing tomorrow at the Audio Foundation:

Thanks, see you there?

12 November 2013

I have some more copies of the Supreme Commander LP for sale, so get in touch if you'd like one.

05 November 2013

On Sunday the 10th Nov 6-10pm there's going to be a live simulcast on AFM featuring MHFS, It Hurts, NW and Chronic Fatigue plus, hopefully a short Kraus set. Then on the 14th Novumber there's this show at my house in Kingsland along with Daniel Satele, Mark Matchak and Alex Wild. THEN on the 21st I'm playing at the Audio FOundation supporting Klaus Fillip. Maltese Falcons are playing at A.F. again on the 29th. 1st December afternoon is a NO VENUE show in Nixon Park in Kingsland and I hope to play (Kraus) at that too.

Looks like I'm going to DJ at the AF xmas party which i think is on the 10th December. If anyone finds that interesting.

That is all

31 October 2013

Saturday, 2 November 2013 - 8pm
Orchestra of Spheres ALBUM RELEASE PARTY!!

at AUDIO FOUNDATION [Poynton Terrace behind St Kevins' Arcarde]


24 October 2013

Alright now, how are you. Well, I'm good thanks. I was thinking I might start performing. So The Maltese Falcons are playing at the Audio Foundation, Poynton Terrace, Auckland NZ on the 2nd November, supporting Orchestra of Spheres. Then we're playing there again on the 29th. I'm going to do some solo shows at my house, and in Nixon Park and stuff, then maybe play at the Audio Foundation christmas show, I don't know, I haven't asked them yet. Performance notifications will be posted here. Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat Savage

18 August 2013

And another one!

postd by pat savage

18 August 2013

Here is this heavy video that Ducky made of the Maltese Falcons song "Distress Signal"!

Warmest wishes to you my friend,
Your friend
Pat Savage

05 August 2013

It has recently come to my attention that one Doug Mosurock has reviewed the vinyl supreme commander. Read it on the yon

24 May 2013

THUNDER DOOM from Rauliux Raulix on Vimeo.

this is a vidoe made by some person, using the music that is Hurtling Towards Doom from Golden Treasury.

22 May 2013

Some new reviews in Boston Hassle and Signal to Noise Magazine, see them right thurr

27 February 2013

Kraak have released a split 7" called "Realistic Pillow", featuring Mad Nanna, Pumice, Slug Guts and Kraus.

I have 10 copies to give away to New Zealand residents - email me right away if you'd like one.


4 January 2013

Happy new year, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
New review of Supreme Commander on Terminal Boredom.

13 December 2012

New Pouffe album "We Live in the Mind" will be released on 15 December 2012. Here is the single, "Hallway".

For free CDR copy write to [kraus] AT [kraus] DOT [co] DOT [nz]

05 December 2012

Verily! Reviewed in Yellow Green Red

21 November 2012

That "Phantom of the Factory" Kraus interview is now online at the Free Music Archive

13 November 2012

Hi. How are you? I'm good, thanks. There's a new Kraus interview in this zine Phantom of the Factory.

06 November 2012

Kraus live show will be broadcast TOMORROW Tuesday November 6th between 3pm and 6pm EST on WFMU. In New Zealand the time will be Wednesday Nov 7th, 9am - 12pm. You can listen to the WFMU live stream here. If you miss the show it will be archived on Brian Turner's show page.

31 October 2012

UPDATE: WFMU is streaming live again, but Brian Turner's show will not air today

30 October 2012

UPDATE: WFMU is currently off the air due to Hurricane Sandy. Kraus live performance may be postponed.

19 October 2012

In a couple of weeks there's going to be a Kraus live performance aired on WFMU, Jersey City, NJ. We taped it in our living room on Sunday the 14th, with me on guitar, Stefan Neville on drums and synthesizer, and Maryann on bass and percussion. It'll be on Brian Turner's show on Tuesday the 30th October between 3pm and 6pm EDT. Note: in New Zealand that's WEDNESDAY the 31st between 8am and 11am. Look here to find the correct time in other locations.

The easiest way to listen live is to open the WFMU Flash stream in your browser. You can also listen using VLC, iTunes, or Winamp, look here for details. If you miss the show it will be archived on Brian Turner's show page.


24 September 2012

20 September 2012

Moniker Records are reissuing Supreme Commander as an LP. The release date is October 31st, 2012. Here is the press release.

Other News:
I contributed two pages to the book "Erewhon Calling".

I predict in the future there will be a:
Kraak 7" featuring tracks by Mad Nanna, Pumice, Kraus and Slug Guts.

19 July 212

Here's some footage of the first Futurians gig, where i wuz playing the dums. Was this in 2001? Thanks C.J.A.

11 July 2000000000012

I uploaded the Murdering Monsters to the Free Music Archive . The Murdering Monsters was the band I was in 1998-2001

Also news, me and Stefan curated a compilation "tired and Emotional" of NZ music for Dub Ditch Picnic, a Canadian label. The label says:

'Do you pride yourself on how "weird" and "eclectic" your musical tastes are? This tape is guaranteed to make the last thing you downloaded off a blog on your lunch break sound like whoever is performing on Letterman tonight.'

05 July 2012

Supreme Commander got reviewed in Tiny Mix Tapes.

Scumbag Relations has some copies of "Faster than the Speed of Time" LP for sale.

26 April 2012

Supreme Commander tape got reviewed in The Wire.

15 April 2012

It's official: Later this year Moniker Records (USA) is going to re-release the Supreme Commander album on vinyl.

Other news: Soft Abuse have sold all their copies of "Faster than the Speed of Time". I can tell you that there are still unsold copies out there somewhere. Try emailing the label: info AT dilettantecourtoisie DOT com


29 March 2012

Soft Abuse is now distributing the "Faster than the Speed of Time" LP.

The Maltese Falcons and Pouffe are now on the Free Music Archive.

22 January 2012

There is a review of "A Journey Through the First Dimension" in the latest (January 28-February 3) issue of the New Zealand Listener.

06 January 2012

There is a Kraus song on the soundtrack of the new Xbox game Zombusters.

16 November 2011

Palto Flats have released a four-song vinyl 7" EP called "A Journey Through the First Dimension with Kraus". The songs are "Sherry", "Prance Of The Ravening Eagle", "Let Me Eat Cake", and "Pangs Of Lorna".

29 October 2011

"The Maltese Falcons", the debut album by The Maltese Falcons, is out now on Root Don Lonie.

16 September 2011

Kraus "Supreme Commander" cassette: 20/09/11 on Dungeon Taxis

26 August 2011

On Monday the 22nd of August there was a Kraus special on the "Songs of Praise" radio show on Aligre FM 93.1 (Paris).

141492 is sold out. End transmission

21 July 2011

Pouffe album "MALLL" is review'd on KFJC

14 July 2011

Hey dudes,
there's a new Kraus 7" a coming out now on Root Don Lonie for Cash and/or Hard Drugs

Side A "Chorus of the Human Slaves"
Side B "World"

Featuring a cover by the wonderful artist Seljuk!
Look at it!

Write to rootdonlonieforcash (*at*)

Thanks, bye

05 April 2011

Eager Product (Long Beach, CA) have released the Kraus "Telstar" lathe-cut 7", featuring covers of "Telstar" by The Tornados, "Space Truckin'" by Deep Purple, and "I Go to Sleep" by The Pretenders.

20 copies
Embossed reflective mylar cover
Side A 45rpm
Side B 33rpm

NZers contact Kraus for a copy: NZ$10 + postage
Others contact Eager Product: [product] AT [eagerproduct] DOT [com]

Other News: "Malll", the debut CDR by Pouffe, is out now. Pouffe is Kraus (guitar) and Matt Plunkett (vocals and organ). Contact Kraus for a free copy. This means you

ok. Good. Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111111111111111111111111

04 November 2010

Dilettante Courtoisie and Bimbo Tower Records have released the first Kraus vinyl LP "Faster than the Speed of Time".

You can listen to two of the songs on the Free Music Archive.

"Faster than the Speed of Time" is distributed by Metamkine and Bimbo Tower. New Zealanders can buy a copy from me for NZ$20 plus postage.

06 October 2010

"Blank Mountain", a CDR of live solo guitar recordings, is available now. Contact me for a free copy.

21 September 2010

Hi everyone!
Soft Abuse is now taking pre-orders for the Olympus LP "Bold Mould". Olympus is me and Stefan Neville. Bold Mould is our debut release, recorded through the mail over the past few years.

You can also buy this album directly from Stefan. He already has some copies, email him here: [stabbiesetc] AT [yahoo] DOT [com] DOT [au].

Thanks for your time,

23 August 2010

Hi everyone, the new Kraus lathe-cut 7" record "Luxury and Mystery" is out now on Epic Sweep Records. 40 numbered copies, NZ$14 plus postage. Contact Epic Sweep: [nzmusic123] AT [hotmail] DOT [com]. Also check out the new Crude and Aesthetics records on the same label. OK bye

14 August 2010

I interviewed Stefan Neville (Pumice), over here.

01 August 2010

I am in this band called "Olympus" with Stefan Neville. Our debut LP "Bold Mould" is just about to come out on Soft Abuse. Yay!

I am also in this band called The Maltese Falcons with Duckling Monster. Our debut album is coming out later this year on Root Don Lonie for Cash and/or Drugs etc.

My new LP "Faster than the Speed of Time" will be released by Dilettante Courtoisie & Bimbo Tower Records later in the year.

If you want to be informed when these things come about, please to join my mailing list. Send a message with the subject line "kraus list add" to [kraus] AT [kraus] DOT [co] DOT [nz].

I remain, your least humble and obedient servant,

02 May 2010

I have edited and extended my guide to Tape Loop Techniques.

13 April 2010

The complete Kraus album "Lamentations of an Ape" (2005) is now available as a download from the Free Music Archive.

16 March 2010

I've finished recording a new album. It should be released in a few months hopefully, I'll let you know when I know. Thanks, K

08 December 2009

Dear unknown stranger complimenting me over the front gate, thanks very much!

13 November 2009

Hulloo they reviewed Golden Treasury on Foxy Digitalis there. What else...I have created a mailing list to keep you informed about new releases. Deposit one coin, or send a message with the subject line "kraus list add" to [kraus] AT [kraus] DOT [co] DOT [nz].

Thanks, see you later!!! Kraus

28 October 2009

There's a interview here on Foxy D

11 October 2009

"Lamentations of an Ape" got reviewed in this blog Explorer L'Inconnu.

06 September 2009

The complete Kraus album "I Could Destroy You with a Single Thought" (2004) is now available as a download from the Free Music Archive.

01 September 2009

What news, my lord?
We got a good review in the old Real Groove Magazine there! I made a new press page so you can read it and other reviews. What else...OH YES! Thanks very much to Duncan Bruce who donated a Farfisa Bravo organ to the studio. Thanks Dunc! So generous.

13 August 2009

I have been invited to contribute my own page to the Free Music Archive.

05 August 2009

Working full steam ahead on the 4-track for a new album. "Golden Treasury" got reviewed in the Vital Weekly.

18 April 2009

The new Kraus album Golden Treasury is available now, contact me for a free copy.

07 April 2009

A LP of La Bamba covers was released by ULTRA ECZEMA. It has Tomuttontu, Fricara Pacchu, all your favourite bands. Limited 400 copies, sorry all my copies are gone, get it from here.

The "Menhir" double 7" compilation is out on Root Don Lonie for Cash.

13 February 2009

"The Facts" cassette (2007) is now available as a free download from the albums page.

08 February 2009

Lamentations of an Ape has been re-released as a cassette by Hästen and Korset. There is also a Kraus song on the new H&K compilation "Sink or Swim".

There is a Kraus song on the (subscribers only) CD that comes with this month's Wire magazine. I think it is coming out with the White Fungus too.