Here are the guitar chords and lyrics for 'Pyjamarama' by Roxy Music:

Pyjamarama (Ferry, 1973)

Chords through the whole song are D-A-C-G

[D]Couldn't sleep a [A]wink last night
[C]Oh how I´d love to [G]hold you tight
They say you have a secret life
Made sacrifice your key to paradise
Never mind, take the world by storm
Just boogaloo a rhapsody divine
Take a sweet girl just like you
How nice if only we could bill and coo

[Saxophone solo]

I may seem a fool to you for ev´rything I think or say or do
How could I apologise for all those lies
The world may keep us far apart but up in heaven, angel
You can have my heart
Diamonds may be your best friend
But like laughter after tears
I´ll follow you to the end

[Guitar Solo]
[Second Guitar plays D-A-C-G]

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