Here are the guitar chords and lyrics for 'Women Women Women' by Shelley Lee Alley:

Women Women Women (Alley, 1937)

Chords throughout: Dm, A

[Dm] Lordy how I loved the women
I loved them long and [A]tall
I loved the slim ones, the medium and fat ones
Lordy how I loved them [Dm] all

Solo, chords as verse

I used to always hate the women
I used to always hate them all
Until I met a girl they called Blondie
That was when I began to fall


I'll never trust another woman
I want them all to know
They'll take all your love and your money
And then they will let you go


Deceit-, deceitful women
Have always been my downfall
From now on I'll keep my eyes wide open
But I'll always love them all

Solo to end.

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