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18 January 2015

Originally self-released as a limited-run CDR in 2009, "Golden Treasury" by Kraus has been reissued by Swedish cassette label Oma333. This album contains some essential Krausness including the two-note psychedelic symphony "Dog on the Loose", "Happening for Lulu" (an ode to Lulu) (the singer Lulu) (who did To sir with love) plus an eyelash smouldering version of La Bamba, originally recorded for the Ultra Eczema album of La Bamba covers. Available in NZ soon from the artist or via Audio Foundation and Flying Out. Or for extra cred get your copy from the MOMA PS1 bookstore in NYC -- I'm looking at u Kiran Dass

150 grey tapes with black body printing. Cover designed by Peter Larsson with a Kraus supplied image. Risograph print by Jan Matthé.

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